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Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year from Successful Staffing to you

Make 2021 Great

How will this year be different?

Well for one, we started off in September of last year, so we have an entire 12 full months to execute. We have a lot of new upcoming positive changed for Successful Staffing in 2021. We are now a Proud Member of the Greater Akron Chamber, so we will be very involved with the Akron area and surrounding communities. We will be doing a lot of giving back and providing more help and resources for those in need. We will be joining other local Chambers as well. We will also expand and provide career opportunities for Cleveland, Ohio. We have upcoming career opportunities in Bakersfield, California.

We have upcoming career opportunities in many cities in Michigan.

We have upcoming career opportunities in many cities in Pennsylvania.

To summarize this, we will be expanding even more this year all over the country.

We are offering awesome benefits for our employees.

We are offering health insurance.

We are offering 401k.

We are offering sign on bonuses and more incentives.

We are offering payday loans.

We are offering transportation assistance.

We are offering child care assistance.

We are offering gym memberships.

We are offering leadership training.

& more.

How will this year be different for you?

Modernization Tip:

Our technology allows us to reach companies and candidates all across the country. This is 2021, we are in a Pandemic and we must be up to date with technology. Every operation of our company is streamlined for the convenience of our client's companies and our candidates.


Let's go | We are ready

  1. Grateful daily

  2. Ready to execute

  3. Strategic planning

  4. Execute #execute

We are so excited to receive so much abundance and prosperity. This year will be full of endless opportunities. This year we solve so many problems and challenges in the Staffing Industry and in the communities. We will make such a difference in the country. We will do so many awesome things for everyone. We are 2 days into the New Year and so pumped up and excited!

How may we help you this year? Questions or Concerns? Contact us today!

Call Us Monday - Friday 7:00am through 3:30pm

1-216-505-1282 - 1-330-552-7752 1-800-216-2849

Email Us @

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