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Employment and Career Opportunities

Security Notice: 

All electronic communications are safe and secured by our online privacy policy and our confidentiality agreement.

All communications are used for the sole purpose of only Successful Staffing.

We do not sell or share any information that we receive.

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To Expedite the Application process

Submit application
Submit resume
submit2 forms of valid Identification for employment verification
Upload 1 Valid Form of Identification Legally Required for Employment
Upload 1 more valid for of identification Legally Requiredfor employment
Upload Current Resume for Consideration of employment

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Selection &onboarding Process

Step 1

We will review your resume, so make sure that it is updated. We will make a decision to moved forward based on your background and experience.

Step 2

If the candidate is a good fit for the position they applied for, they will receive a phone call for a brief phone screen. If the candidate is not a good fit for the position they applied for, the candidate will be notified and we will keep that application on file and try to place them with a position that they are better fit for.


Step 3

If you are selected, you will be invited to the next step, which depends on the hiring process we are using. The next step will either be a video call interview or it will be onboarding. Onboarding includes all the legal required documentation to completed.

Step 4

Every candidate is required to attend our Online Orientation in order to be eligible for employment.

Step 5

Upon completion of orientation we will begin to make our selection and narrow down the candidates to the candidates with most relevant background, skills and experience to be placed at one our positions. 

Step 6

We will notify/inform the candidates that we selected and offer them 1 or 2 positions that best fits their background, skills and experience. If the candidates accepts the job offer, than we welcome them as a new employee and finish the selection process. If the candidate does not accept, we will encourage them be on standby until another position opens up that better fits them. We add new jobs every week.

Step 7

If there are any additional steps, the selected candidate will be notified. Additional steps for example can be a drug test, assessment, verification or no additional steps at all.

Step 8

Our new employee shall show up on time to their scheduled shift, we ask that our new employees notify us when they arrive on the first day of their shift.

Step 9

We will follow up with our new employees  ask how was their first day at work. We will follow up with our employees periodically. We will follow up with our clients to see how the candidates first day went. We will follow up with our clients peridically.

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