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Why choose Us?

We are here to build relationships with our community.

We are very analytical and​ like to find out the problems that your having.

We ask questions to be able to identify your problems and provide you with a solution.

We want to find out as much as we can about the problems your company is facing with staffing.

Are you having problems with employee retention?

Are you having problems with employee attendance?

We have very close relationships with our candidates and employees which indeed increases our employee retention.

We have a private Facebook group that it used for the sole purpose of Successful Staffing.

Our Facebook group talks about improvement, strategies, motivation, leadership skills and success daily.

We are very passionate at what we do.

We have high energy and get super excited and fired up when it comes to staffing.

Staffing is a life changer your companies and candidates when done successfully.

How can we not be super excited about changing lives and giving back to the communities all over the country.

We are the solution to your staffing problems.

We connect phenomenal awesome candidates with phenomenal awesome companies.

Our technology allows us to reach people all over the world. 

We have our entire recruitment and onboarding process which includes orientation, streamlined to be conducted online.

Our knowledge, skills and technology allows us to effectively grow and grow other companies.

We have found the gap in the staffing industry and that is the lack of passion and compassion.

We are super passionate about what we do and super compassionate with our candidates and clients and that's why we are Successful.


Employer Branding

We focus on you and your brand. We have strategies designed to market your company  and make it stand out amongst other companies. We represent you and we care about your reputation and ours.

What are your values and benefits that you offer to the candidates and employees? 

Key Performance Indicators

What are you looking for in your candidates?

Good Attitude?

Perfect Attendance?

Work Ethic?

Good Quality?

Business Continuity Planning

We use and manage this process to seek and identify threats and impacts to the organization.

Is there something going on in the organization that will threaten employees to leave?

Does the organization have a plan to grow?

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Blended Workforce

We specialize in supplying staff for blended workforces meaning the company is combined of full time, part time, temporary and direct hire employees.


We care about diversity in the workplace from the employees, staff, and the company as whole. There should accommodations for people with different characteristics, values, beliefs, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

Applicant Tracking Software(ATS)

We use ATS as it is the best way to stay up to date with modern technology and to stay organized with your candidate applications. This software increases organization, efficiency, and accessibility to qualified candidates.

Background and pre-employment screening- we conduct various interviews, phone interviews, video call interviews (one way or two way), in-person interviews, group interviews, and the clients’ interview.

Candidate Assessments

 We offer many different assessments to ensure that we are providing the right candidate the first time. This helps make sure that your candidate has the knowledge, skills and abilities that you want. We provide you with the results.


Behavior Risk Management-

We focus on behavior risk management in the workplace. We make sure that our employees are on their best behavior.

Does your organization have employees with behavioral issues?


Does your organization implement programs, policies or services most suitable for correcting or eliminating various employee behavioral problems if/as needed?

Workplace Behavior

We follow up to see how our employees behavior is in the workplace


Behavior Based Interviews

We conduct behavior-based interviews which is our technique to find out if a candidate is qualified based on their past behaviors. We ask the candidate for specific examples of their past work experience when certain behaviors were exhibited. These indicate and predict how successful a person will be at the position he/she is applying for.


Disciplinary Procedures

We take discipline very serious as it is a crucial part of management. We handle disciplinary procedures as we see fit. We have a standardized process that we follow when an employee who has breached the contract of employment.


Employee Compliance

We monitor (if/as needed) the compliance of our employees at the workplace to make sure they are following your organizations policies and procedures that they expected to follow.


Geographical Differential

 We research the geographical differential meaning the variance in pay established for the same jobs based on labor cost and living amongst other geographical regions and recommend plans to increase employee retention.

Market Research

We monitor the market and use data and analyze how well your organization is doing compared to other companies in the same market.

Exit Interview Analytics

We like to get feedback from the candidate and the organization that explains exactly why the employee was terminated so that we can analyze the situation, provide data and come up with a plan to avoid this in the future if possible.


Success Logo1_Moment`1.jpg
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