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Successful Staffing is full-service virtual staffing agency headquartered in Downtown, Akron, Ohio.

We specialize in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, & Transportation industries but supply staff in all industries.

We supply temporary staff, temporary-to-permanent staff, permanent staff and direct hire staff.

We provide customized staffing solutions and the essential services to provide the most qualified candidates. 

Are you having problems with your workforce?

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional staffing services which connects phenomenal talent with phenomenal companies. 

Our Values


Honest, trustworthy and doing what is right even when no one is watching.


We take pride in treating everyone well because we care about your experience with us.


Going the extra mile to solve problems and help others.


Ensuring that our candidates, employees and clients are absolutely satisfied with our services.

We Encourage Leadership

1)Effective Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is important. You must be able to communicate with people the for the rest of your life. The most important skill in communication is listening. Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. When you are able to listen, you will also be able to learn.



The force that keeps pushing us to go on, it is our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. When you think you are ready to quit something, or you just do not know how to start, yourself motivation is what pushes you to go on. It is the ability to motivate yourself.



The ability to assess your strengths, characteristics, feelings, motives, desires, and your actions. It is the experience of one’s own personality or individuality. Being aware of your lifestyle and knowing that you are responsible for your own actions in the workplace and in your personal life. The ability to take a honest look at your life without any attachment to it being right or wrong.



The ability to make yourself obligate be and be willing to accept responsibility for your actions. The ability to admit to your faults and wrong doings. The ability to hold yourself accountable for single action that you take.


The state or character of being positive and accepting the world for what it is in a positive way. The ability to keep a positive mindset and use a positive approach in everything that occurs in your life.


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